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01 Jan 2014, 00:36

Dear channel partners,

YouTube is changing the way that MCNs (Multi Channel Networks) are going to be managing their channel partners. Many of you have asked us what the consequences of this policy shift are for their channel. Therefore we have put together this news flash to all of you and created this new Notifications menu item. Going forward you will be able to find important network notifications on this page, keeping you abreast of all important stuff that's going on within the Network or in YouTube with an impact on your channel.

The primary change occurring is that YouTube is creating two different types of channels: 'Managed' and 'Affiliated'. A 'Managed' channel is one that the network is primarily responsible for. An 'Affiliated' channel is a channel that the channel owner is primarily responsible for.

In our network all channels have always had and currently still have the ‘Affiliated’ status. So so far nothing has changed but this policy shift is a good thing for most of you and here's why.

The good news is that we now have the option to change the status for all channels who have always uploaded purely original content to ‘Managed’, which will be the majority of the channel partners!! This means that we, as a network, will take responsibility for your content. So if one of your uploads as a ‘Managed’ channel generates a copyright strike, it will actually be counted as a strike for the network. The thing is that, as a network, we have to stay below a total of just a handful of strikes, otherwise YouTube will start shutting down certain functionalities in order to incentivise us to sort it out :). This means that if you do generate a strike as a ‘Managed’ channel and the strike is justified (meaning that we wont be able to challenge it), we will have no option but to switch the channel responsible to ‘Affiliated’ with the option to re-apply for ‘Managed’ status after the strike has expired.

The advantage for the channels who qualify for the ‘Managed’ status is that their videos will be monetised instantly rather than having to wait a few hours before monetisation kicks in, as is the case today. Especially for vids, which tend to peak very soon after upload, this could lead to a significant increase in revenue!

In the first half of January we will build an easy-to-use Application Tool for 'Managed' status into the dashboard. After applying, your channel will be reviewed by one of the Support guys. It is of course key that you have zero strikes and that all of your uploaded content is original in the sense that you have created it yourself without using material filmed/owned by others. To avoid confusion; we consider gameplay footage as Original Content (as long as its your gameplay footage of course).

We hope this answers all questions you have about the ‘Affiliated’ vs ‘Managed’ YouTube policy change and what we do to make sure you can benefit form these changes.

On behalf of the entire team over here at Zoomin.TV, I wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

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01 Jan 2014, 03:15

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01 Jan 2014, 03:42

Nu crezi ca e mult de tradus ? Primim ceva sau... ?
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