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20 Mar 2020, 17:32

Salut! Am si eu o problema cu plugin-ul ptb. Nu stiu cum sa-l configurez exact pentru un mod de CSDM, dat fiind faptul ca functioneaza pe baza unei runde nelimitate.
| Afiseaza codul
// PTB Configuration
// File location: addons/amxmodx/configs/ptb.cfg
// Settings are loaded on every mapchange
// from this cfg file
// For details on the settings check out the documentation
// in the readme.txt file
echo [PTB] Ptb.cfg is being executed

// These two cvars must be set to 0 so PTB can work properly.
mp_autoteambalance 0
mp_limitteams 0

// Control of chatmessages which can be 0 for off 1 on if set to 2 then Transfers will show in hud but not chat.
// If set to 3 it will show all messages in chat and transfers as hudtext
ptb_saychat 1
// Transfertype can only be 1, 2 or 3 and 3 is the most agressive transfer 
// 1 is PTBs original transfertype
ptb_transfer_type 1

// Set to 0 if admins with immunity also should be switched
ptb_switch_immunity 1

// Set to 0 if admins with immunity cant choose the team they wants
ptb_limitjoin_immunity	1

// Here you set which flag an admin must have to be immune against transfers (Default o ADMIN_LEVEL_C)
ptb_immunity_level "o"

// Here you set which flag an admin must have to be able to change PTB settings (Default l ADMIN_RCON)
ptb_access_level "l"

// If you want to see Transfers made in the HLSW chat have this set to 1
ptb_show_in_hlsw 1

// team selection control
amx_ptb limitjoin    on 	// set limits on team joining
amx_ptb limitafter   0		// number of rounds after which teams limiting begins
amx_ptb limitmin     0		// number of minimum players on map for team limiting
amx_ptb maxsize      16		// maximum team size per team
amx_ptb maxdiff      2		// maximum team size difference
amx_ptb autorounds   3		// number of first rounds into match, which allow autojoin only
amx_ptb wtjauto      3		// wtj tries needed to become autojoined
amx_ptb wtjkick      5		// wtj tries needed to become kicked
amx_ptb kick         off	// kick for wtj counts
amx_ptb savewtj      off 	// save wtjs to wtj.log

// team balancing actions
amx_ptb switch       on		// switch/transfer players
amx_ptb switchafter  1		// number of rounds after which switching begins
amx_ptb switchmin    5		// number of minimum players on map for switching
amx_ptb switchfreq   1		// relative next possible switch round
amx_ptb playerfreq   7		// relative next possible switch round for player
amx_ptb forceswitch  0		// number of tries after which PTB switches alive, if neccessary
amx_ptb deadonly     off 	// switch dead only

// messages (good to have on when debugging if you use statsx dont have them on)
amx_ptb tellwtj      off 	// tell about wtj tries
amx_ptb announce     off	// announce team status at beginning of round
amx_ptb sayok        off	// announce team status, if teams are alright
amx_ptb typesay      off	// use HUD messages

// team strength limits
amx_ptb maxstreak    3		// max. allowed team win streak
amx_ptb maxscore     2		// max. allowed team score difference
amx_ptb minrating    1.5	// minimum critical team rating
amx_ptb maxrating    2.0	// maximum critical team rating
amx_ptb superrating  3.0	// super critical team rating
amx_ptb maxincidents 50		// maximum kills + deaths before the score is divided by PTB_SCALEDOWN
amx_ptb scaledown    2		// divisor for kills and deaths, when PTB_MAXINCIDENTS is reached
Nu stiu daca e bine cum l-am modificat asa.
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20 Mar 2020, 17:39

ptb_switch_immunity 0
amx_ptb limitjoin off
amx_ptb limitafter 1
amx_ptb limitmin 4
amx_ptb autorounds 1
amx_ptb forceswitch 1
amx_ptb maxstreak 0
amx_ptb maxscore 0
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